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Introducing Lectec LS

Build-it-yourself portable electric vehicles

See it in action 👇

Build Your Own Skateboard, Scooter, or Bike

With Lectec, you get everything you need to build, upgrade, and ride your own electric vehicle.

Easy Assembly

Suitable for children with adult supervision

LED Lights

Responsive to the throttle and brake

4 Modes

Teaches kids gradually with 4 speed & acceleration modes

Learn STEM Skills

Encourage kids to learn about motors, pulleys, and gears with Lectec LS. This build-it-yourself system includes all the parts, tools, and educational materials you need.


Upgrade the System

With a modular design, Lectec LS allows you to tweak and upgrade the system as you wish. Lectec doesn’t lock you into anything, meaning you can purchase parts from other vendors if you want. 


Ride It!

After you finish assembling your Lectec LS, you can ride what you built! So not only do children learn about putting it all together, but they also learn about balance—and they get outside.

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